The Australian Government’s “Marriage Act 1961” requires a “Notice Of Intend Marriage” (NOIM) be completed, witnessed and in the hands of your chosen celebrant, no later than one month and no greater than eighteen months prior to your ceremony date.

Both parties to a marriage, must provide original birth certificates or an Australian or Overseas passport that has not been cancelled, photographic identification (licence, student card of other photo ID).

If during your last marriage you suffered the death of your spouse, the Death Certificate of your last spouse is required to be shown. If your last marriage ended as a result in Divorce or Nullity, your Marriage Celebrant will need to see an original copy of your Decree Absolute, Divorce Certificate or Nullity documents.

Prior to your wedding, a “Declaration” must be signed by both parties, stating that there is no legal impediment to the marriage. This “Declaration” is usually signed by both parties and witnessed by your celebrant within a few weeks of the ceremony taking place. This is also a good time to finalise the wording of your ceremony and have any unanswered final questions answered or discuss other details you may not be sure of.