Weddings – Intending Couples

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Marriage Ceremonies

A ceremony where two people are united in Marriage. This ceremony involves the public exchange of Marriage Vows by the couple and a public Proclamation Announcement of Marriage by the officiating Authorised Marriage Celebrant. (Conditions apply as per the “Australian Marriage Act” and the “Australian Marriage Regulations” in all States and Territories of Australia.)

First things first

As soon as you know the date, time and venue, find a celebrant you feel comfortable with and make a booking. Don't forget to confirm that booking with your payment of a deposit as soon as is convenient!

Otherwise you may lose that tentative booking to someone else who was prepared to leave a deposit! See Legal Requirements below as the first steps in your journey.

Your Ceremony

Member Marriage Celebrants will offer you a range of ceremonies and readings to start you on the way. Apart from the phrases required by the Marriage Act, the wording of the service is in your hands.

Family or friends may be involved in the ceremony and many ceremonies include rituals which enrich the experience for the marrying couple and their guests. Your celebrant is experienced in many, varied formats of service which can be formal, relaxed, traditional or modern.

The ceremony needs to reflect your wishes to make it a dignified and personal occasion.

Legal Requirements for weddings

The Australian Government’s “Marriage Act 1961” requires a “Notice Of Intend Marriage” (NOIM) be completed, witnessed and in the hands of your chosen celebrant, no later than one month and no greater than eighteen months prior to your ceremony date......